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Clear Creek Trip Planner

Clear Creek Hunting detailed hunt planner resource makes it easy to book a hunt with us.


For our guests that wish to fly out, commercial flights are available into Salt Lake City.  Rental vehicles are available at the airport for your drive to your hunt destination.   As a rule, just a small economy car large enough to get you and your gear loaded in, is adequate, as it is all good highway to our various hunt destinations.  If you plan to drive the entire trip or fly out and rent a vehicle at the airport, we will provide detailed maps and directions to your hunt destination or meeting point, well prior to your hunt.

Booking Terms

We accommodate a very limited number of hunters each year and reservations should be made far in advance to secure your preferred dates. All bookings are on a first come, first served basis.  We require a deposit of 50% per person to secure your hunt dates.  We will “pencil you in” on our schedule for up to two weeks, but no hunt is reserved and considered “booked” until deposits have been received.

A final payment towards the hunt booked will be due by June 15th. No one will be allowed to begin their hunt until their hunt is paid in full and the required waivers are signed. Deposits are non-refundable nor are licenses transferable to another person. NO REFUNDS will be made once a license voucher has been filled out, nor can we make refunds or adjustments for no-shows, late arrivals, early departures, or hunt cancellations.

NON-HUNTER FEES ARE $100 per day.


We require a 50% deposit due to Clear Creek Hunting, within 10 business days of confirming your hunt dates. The balance of your hunt fee is due June 15th, the year of your hunt. Please send all deposits and hunt balance checks to:

Clear Creek Hunting, LLC
5103 South 3550 West
Roy, Utah 84067

Hunt Forfeiture Policy

If your hunt is not paid in full by the date indicated on your contract, Clear Creek Hunting LLC will notify you that your hunt is about to be forfeited. After the specified date Clear Creek Hunting LLC, can at their sole discretion re-sell that hunt. If this happens you will be notified of your hunts cancellation. Any deposits that you have paid will be forfeited and not returned.   

Trophy Care, Meat Processing & Taxidermy

Once your animal has been downed, we will field dress it and get it to the main lodge. If you plan on mounting your trophy, make sure your guide is aware of this prior to field dressing. Many times an elk will need to be quartered to get off the mountain. If you would like your trophy caped there is a fee of $100. Meat processing may be available locally but needs to be confirmed prior to your hunt. Processing fees vary from $150.00 for antelope or deer, up to $350.00 for elk, depending on the size of the animal and customer requests.

If you do not wish to take your meat with you, arrangements can be made for needy families to receive it. If you plan on taking your meat home, check your states regulations for how meat must be brought into your state from out of state. Some states require the meat to be quartered with no skull or vertebrae attached.

Top quality taxidermy work is available through Wild River Taxidermy. We recommend that hunters, particularly those that are flying out for their hunt, leave their trophies with our taxidermist to ensure the safe keeping of the cape and horns.  After completion, the trophy mounts can then be shipped to the hunter in safe, sturdy crates. Taxidermy information, rates/fees available upon request, anytime.

Visit Wild River Taxidermy

Big Game Hunters Suggested Equipment

Weather conditions on the different hunts can range from shirt sleeve temperatures to downright cold. Well planned packing will add to the success and enjoyment of your hunt. We suggest that you bring all that you need to be comfortable, but no more than is necessary. Soft sided duffel bags are best for all purpose packing. If you are driving out, you may consider bringing meat coolers along, to take your meat home in. A complete equipment inventory check-list will be included in all booking / reservation packets. This can also be seen on our web-site anytime.

For our RIFLE HUNTERS we recommend a flat shooting, bolt action rifle. Good caliber choices for hunting big game would be .270, .280, .30-06, 7mm Mag, 300 win. or 300 Ultra Mag. Most importantly, bring what you are very familiar with and shoot well!  We suggest the use of a good variable scope, bipods or shooting sticks, and the heaviest grain bullets that your rifle will group well with. No scopes with built in range finders are legal to use on any big game hunt. Rifles should be sighted dead-on at 200 yards, being prepared to shoot to 300 yards. Utah law states that you must wear a fluorescent orange vest with at least 400 square inches of material and a fluorescent orange cap.

Camping and Hunting Rules

All state regulations will be followed

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed while hunting or directly before hunting.

Gun safety is a high priority and will be strictly followed.

We reserve the right to end your hunt if we feel that your animal has been mortally wounded. Every effort will be made to find your animal.


Industry standard has long been at 10-15% of the hunt price for a tip. Our Guides and Cooks will give their all to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and your hunt successful. They appreciate it greatly when you acknowledge their efforts in your behalf.

Hunter Equipment Checklist

Temperatures in September can be in the 30’s, October and November can be in the teen’s or single digit. Snow is expected anytime

  • Sun screen
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • Back pack
  • Hat (preferably blaze orange)
  • Sturdy shoes/boots
  • Ammo
  • Gloves
  • Reading material
  • Binoculars(highest power you are comfortable glassing long periods with)
  • Flash light/head lamp
  • HUNTING LICENSE (Exchange the voucher we sent you with the Utah Game & Fish)
  • Water bottle
  • Sharp hunting knife
  • Bathroom items (toilet paper, toothbrush, soap, shampoo
  • Medicine, medical devices
  • Cell phone & charger (All of our camps have access to power)
  • Light summer clothes (August and early September hunts)
  • Wool socks
  • Thermal base layer
  • Cold weather gloves
  • Cold weather hat
  • Insulated boots

Additional Information:

License, airfare, game processing, alcohol, taxidermy, airport pick-up and transportation to and from Salt Lake City are not included in the price of the hunt.

Lodging and meals are included with our hunts. The exceptions to this are the Cow Elk hunts on Pilot Peak as well as the November/December Diamond Mountain Cow hunts.

By Utah statute, everyone born on or after January 1, 1965 who applies for a Utah hunting license or preference point must have successfully completed an approved hunter education course. Note: If you have a valid hunter education card/certificate from another state, and it can be verified, it will be honored in Utah. Certifications from other countries may also be accepted.

Utah Hunting and Fishing Regulation Guidebooks are available online. Please download and review all state hunting rules and regulations prior to your hunt dates.

View Utah DNR Guidebooks